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Stopped by to say hello to Charlie D for today’s #NHMDaily
Natural History Museum, Daily
First batch of #DannerStudio orders for tomorrow’s post! Nab yours before 5pm today to ship tomorrow morning (link in profile)
Oh shrew, how I love you, you are so tiny too, aren’t you, shrew? #NHMDaily
We are LIVE! The #DannerStudio store is finally open for business!
Yes, there really are dinosaurs everywhere. #NHMDaily
Perfect Pinterest Grids
Today I woke up and cried for twenty minutes solid because I immediately felt an enormous weight of frustration upon me. I’ve had a mouth full of ulcers since Sunday so I haven’t eaten much all week, and it has been frustrating and exhausting waiting for this to pass. 
After letting myself sob for a while, I dragged myself out of the house and started to find tiny sparks of joy in little things. I got to wear a woolly jumper. I ordered a LARGE flat white. The lady at the pharmacy was so lovely I almost hugged her. I went to the HUGE waitrose on Holloway Road and let myself meander around looking at all the nice things for almost an hour, and bought some treats for later. I saw lots of nice fabrics in the fabric store whilst buying interfacing and felt inspired, and got some new ideas. I saw a child with a stuffed toy Toothless, hugging him furiously and talking to his plastic toy dragon at the same time and it made me smile and think, the kids are going to be ok. I read an article by Michael Stipe in the Guardian on the way home reflecting on 9/11 and discussing Douglas Coupland’s art on the subject, which I love. I really really fucking LOVE Douglas Coupland. I don’t think I’ve ever said it out loud. I fucking L O V E him.
And now I’ve just walked in the door, dumped my shopping on the floor and immediately written this because I have gone from feeling pretty shitty, to feeling inspired and excited about sewing all day, just because I went outside and looked at some things with my eyes. I’m recording this here in case you too have woken up and cried for twenty minutes solid before you have done anything else, I want you to know that if you go outside and look at some things with your eyes, you too will feel like everything is going to be OK again.
Hey Kids, I’m launching my new site and store in the next few weeks. 
Everyone on the mailing list will have a 24 hour advance go at the store, so make sure you ~ SIGN UP NOW!
NHM Daily, Day 3. 

Office Kitchen scene during a tea break.
NHM Daily, Day Two.